History of the Department of Department of International Economics and Agribusiness

The Department of International Economics and Agribusiness was created on 01.10.2019 on the basis of the Department of Agricultural Economics and International Economic Relations. It is headed by Dr. Mariusz Hamulczuk. The department is part of the Institute of Economics and Finance of WULS-SGGW University, established at the same time.

The predecessor of current department, the Department of Agricultural Economics and International Economic Relations, was established in 2000 as a merger of the Department of Agricultural Economics and the Department of World Agriculture. The department was composed of three divisions: Division of Agricultural Economics, Division of International Economic Relations and Division of Quantitative Methods. The first two are descendants of the former departments; the third one was established in 2008.

The former Department of Agricultural Economics was established together with the Faculty of Agricultural Economics, a predecessor of the present Faculty of Economic Sciences. In an organizational reform of 1970, the department was incorporated into a newly created Institute of Agricultural Economics and Agrarian Policy as a Division of Agricultural Economics. In another reform of 1992, the institute was dismembered and the department was reestablished.

Heads of the Department were professors Zenon Tomaszewski (1953-1978), Zbigniew Adamowski (1979-1987), Zdzisław Kozioł (1987-1991), again Zbigniew Adamowski (1992-1993), again Zdzisław Kozioł (1994-1996), Stanisław Stańko (1997-1999).

The most noteworthy research activity of the department occured in 1982-1994, when the department lead under a guidance of the late professor Kozioł a series of all-country multi-executor research projects. Their results were published partially in numerous papers and books. Over 1800 farms in various parts of the country were repeatedly surveyed in this research and the results provided unique information on processes taking place in peasant type farms. This research integrated with the department a wide team of researchers from various institutions and was a base for numerous master’s, doctoral and habilitation theses and papers.

The concept of a collateral unit dealing with the economics of agriculture in foreign countries was initiated by professor Stefan Królikowski in 1961. It was times of gaining independence by formerly colonized countries and the economics of less developed countries was raising a common interest, also in governmental circles.

The Council of Faculty of Agricultural Economics moved a resolution to establish a Research Division of Agriculture in Developing Countries. It was accepted by the Senate of Warsaw Agricultural University and the division was organized within the Department of Agrarian Policy, with professor Królikowski as its head.

In the reform of academic education In 1970/71 the division was liquidated and its members continued their research and tuition in the faculty’s Institute of Agricultural Economics and Agrarian Policy.

In this institute, a new Division of World Agriculture was organized by professor Mieczysław Adamowicz, who became its head, in 1976. In 1982 this division was renamed into a department. Heads of this department were professors Mieczysław Adamowicz (1976), Bolesław Strużek (1976-1979), Jan Górecki (1980-1989), Henryk Lipiński (1989), again Jan Górecki (1990), Julian Krzyżanowski (1991-1996), Henryk Manteuffel (1997-1999).

Under the guidance of professor Górecki the department rose in numbers and enlarged its research. It was the main executor and coordinator of a ministerial research grant ‘Tendencies of agricultural development in the world and their connection with the agri-food economy in Poland’. Since 1978, the department was periodically publishing a series of thematically specified collections of articles under a title of ‘Problems of world agriculture’. In 2007, this series became o division of the Scientific Journal of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, a quarterly retaining the same title. The journal is devoted to economic and social issues of agriculture and food economy, mainly in the international aspect.

The merger of two departments into the Department of Agricultural Economics and International Economic Relations took place in 2000. Its heads were professors Stanisław Stańko (2000-2003), Henryk Manteuffel (2003-2012), Maria Parlińska (2013-2016) and Joanna Kisielińska (2017-2019). A new Division of Quantitative Methods was created within the department when the former Department of Econometrics and Statistics and the Department of Informatics formed a new Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics while some their members stayed in the Faculty of Economic Sciences and were gathered in this division.

Beginning with 2004, the department organizes annually an international conference “Global problems of agriculture and food economy” connected with international relations in the agri-food economy, in particular these within the European Union, and their impact on Polish agriculture and agribusiness. Since 2014, the department also organizes a cyclical scientific conference entitled “Current tendencies in international economic relations”, the subject of which focuses on phenomena, processes and tendencies occurring in the contemporary global economy.