Chair of Agricultural Economics and International Economic Relations

Preliminary announcement

First call for papers

International conference on


Warsaw, October 19th, 2012

Because of its placement, the conference has intentionally a special focus on the economic consequences of the 2004 and 2007 European Union enlargements for the international economic relations in agriculture and food industry, including those between Poland and other countries.


  • prospective developments in agriculture and food industry in selected countries;
  • processes of globalization in the world economy and their impact on the developments in agriculture and food industry;
  • impact of European integration on the developments in agriculture and food industry;
  • human capital and social determinants of the European agriculture in the evolution of the European integration;
  • impact of global financial crisis on the developments in agriculture and food industry;
  • interaction between the agricultural development and the state of natural environment;
  • impact of non-nutritional usage of agricultural products on production and trade in these products;
  • price and income hazards in agriculture and food industry conditioned on the economic globalization.


1. Participation with presentation and publication (full option) 160 €

2. Publication only 125 €

3. Participation only 60 €



IBAN: PL 44 1240 6003 1111 0000 4945 5230

with annotation ‘507-20-08250001 + participant’s first name, family name and the number of mode of participation’


  • professor Joanna Kisielińska
  • Jakub Kraciuk PhD habilitated
  • professor Julian Krzyżanowski
  • professor Henryk Manteuffel Szoege (president)
  • professor Maria Parlińska
  • professor Stanisław Stańko


  • Janusz Majewski PhD (president)
  • Marcin Adamczyk MA
  • Marcin Bukowski PhD
  • Katarzyna Górecka MA
  • Anna Górska PhD
  • Mariusz Hamulczuk PhD
  • Marcin Idzik PhD
  • Zdzisław Jakubowski PhD
  • Elżbieta Kacperska PhD
  • Tomasz Klusek PhD
  • Paweł Kobus PhD
  • Dorota Komorowska PhD
  • Dorota Kozioł-Kaczorek PhD
  • Elwira Laskowska PhD
  • Robert Pietrzykowski PhD
  • Alicja Stolarska PhD
  • Ewa Wasilewska PhD
  • Adam Waszkowski MA
  • Anna Wożniak-Andrzejuk MA


Teresa Sawicka, MA

Chair of Agricultural Economics

and International Economic Relations,

Warsaw Agricultural University

166 Nowoursynowska St.

02-787 Warsaw, Poland

Block V room 25

Tel. (+4822)5934102 or (+4822)5934103

Fax (+4822)5934101

email: msg@sggw.pl



Faculty of Economic Sciences council’s hall (block VII room 116)

and classrooms in block V and block VI

Warsaw University of Life Sciences

166 Nowoursynowska St., 02-787 Warsaw, Poland

Conference language: Polish and English with no official translation.


  • Application and notification of the title of contribution 20.05.2012
  • Submission of papers 20.05.2012
  • Conference fee 20.05.2012
  • Conference 19.10.2012

Papers not returned in time after the review will be published after the conference.

Publication of the reviewed and accepted contributions to the conference is envisaged in a special English issue of the Scientific Journal of Warsaw University of Life Science, series Problems of World Agriculture. The journal is rated at 6 points in the Polish Ministry of Academic Education rating. The contributions should be supplied in both paper and electronic form.


The requirements are inserted into the conference home page. The text written in the Word processor, not exceeding 10 pages (format A4, but upper and bottom margins 5.3 cm, left and right margins 4 cm, header 1.25 cm, footer 4.3 cm). Font Times New Roman, except for titles. Author’s name (bold) font size 10, line space 1. Author’s affiliation font size 10. Author’s titles, postal and email adresses in the footnote. Title font Arial size 12. Line space above 24 and below 12 pts. Abstract font size 8, single line spacing, indentation right and left 0.7 cm, line spacing below 12 pts. Key words font size 8, indentation right and left 0.7 cm, line spacing below 12 pts. Subtitles font Arial size 11, line spacing above 22 pts, below 11 pts. Main body of the text font size 10, single spacing, justified, first line in a paragraph indented 0.7 cm. Table captions font size 8, single spacing, line spacing above 12 pts, below 4 pts. Table contents font size 8, single line spacing, line spacing above and below 2 pts. Figure captions font size 8, single line spacing, line spacing above 12 pts, below 4 pts. Table or figure source font size 8, line spacing above 4 pts, below 6 pts. Footnote text justified, font size 8, single line spacing. Reference list first font size 8, line hanging by 0.7 cm. Page numbers font size 11, middle position. Graphs, black and white, should be supplied in a form suitable for further editing in a commonly used software. Cross references in the form of [author year, page] and for no-author items [title first word… year, page]. Reference list in the form: author’s name and first name initials [year]: title, journal no, pages. For books after title: publisher, place. For no-author items: title. [year]. editor (ed.), publisher, place. Multiple publications by the same author in one year marked by A, B, C etc. after year’s number.

Obligatory abstract of maximum 1000 characters and a key word list.

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